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Liveblogging Djokovic vs. Federer | July | 2012 Articles

Liveblogging Djokovic vs. Federer

Written by Andrew Moffa on .

8:03- The players are preparing to take to the indoor Centre Court in preparation for thier blockbuster Men's Semifinal.  Federer has never lost a Wimbledon Semifinal, while Djokovic has won 6 of his last 7 matches against the Swiss.  Surprisingly, this is actually their first meeting on grass and at the All-England Club.

8:06- Federer won the coin toss and has elected to serve to open the match.  The serve will be absolutely crucial for Roger Federer against the best returner of all time.

8:16- Federer quickly holds to 15, while Djokovic holds at love. 1-all in this opening set. 

8:19- Federer puts together another routine hold.  Djokovic, meanwhile, seems to be having trouble with his footing behind the baseline.  The roof on Centre Court was closed earlier than usual, so the grass might be a little moist still.

8:25- Both men register easy holds, and it is now 3-2 Federer on serve in the first set.  Roger is getting some much-needed free points on his serve early. 

8:32- Federer breaks Novak out of nowhere, and then consolidates easily for a 5-2 lead! Novak had a 30-love lead, but played a couple of loose points, and then slipped at the service line to give Roger the break point.  An unforced error by the Serb gave the Swiss the break.  Nole is not moving really well as of now, which is not a good sign for the World No. 1.

8:37- Novak holds to 5-3, but then Roger holds at love to take the opening set 6-3 in a mere 25 minutes!  Federer is in a zone serving, as he earned a 40-0 lead in his last service game with only three swings.  He could not have asked for a better start to this semifinal.

8:41- A fairly routine hold for Novak starts the second set.  It will be crucial for him to serve well in this set and try to make some headway in the return game. 

8:47- Novak plays a magnificent return game to break Federer for the first time in the match, and then he consolidates it with a love-hold. 3-0 to the Serb in this second set.  It seems as if Djokovic is in the midst of one of those zones that can put him in control of just about any match.  Roger has to be careful here.

8:52- A vital hold for Federer is followed by yet another love-hold for Djokovic.  4-1 in the second set.  The good news for Novak is that he is really starting to see Roger's serve.  He returned brilliantly in the Swiss's last service game, even though he was not able to break.

9:00- Each man holds again, and it is now a 5-2 advantage to Djokovic in this second set.  Federer will be serving to stay in the set after this change-over.  They have been playing for less than an hour, and two sets are almost in the books.  Amazing.

9:06- 55 minutes on court, a set to each man.  Roger holds easily, only to watch Novak Djokovic hold at love for the fourth time in this match.  The second set goes to the Serb 6-3.  The beginning of this third set will be vital for both men, especially Federer.

9:11- Federer holds at 15 to open this crucial third set.  Let's see if he can get his teeth into one of Novak's service games early in the third.  Both men are still serving extremely well. 

9:20- Novak has to fight off a break point before holding to 1-1.  On that break point, Federer went for a forehand winner when he should have gotten into the rally and forced Djokovic to hit some forehands.  Roger holds easily to stay on serve at 2-1 in the third set.

9:26- Neither man has trouble holding this time around, and Novak is set to serve at 2-3 on serve.  Serving first in this set is definitely an advantage for Roger, and we will see if he can capitalize on this.

9:38- In the game of the match, Federer has two opportunities to break, but Djokovic is able to hold to 3-all!  Both break points were very long points, but Novak came out on top both times.  The quality of tennis in this match is really getting good. Game on!

9:41- A surprisingly easy hold for Federer after a disappointing return game for him in which he had a couple of chances to break.  4-3 Roger on serve in this increasingly important third set.

9:48- Federer faces a break point for the first time in this set, but a great serve down the T saves it, and he holds after two more effective serves.  We are still on serve in this third set, with Djokovic serving at 4-5.

9:54- Roger Federer breaks and takes the third set 6-4!!!  A couple of magnificent return points are followed by an overhead miss by Novak to give Roger two chances to break.  After Djokovic saves one with a good serve, Federer plays a great point and puts away an overhead to clinch the set!  A loud scream and fist pump from the Swiss shows just how much this match means to him.

10:00- Federer is serving first once again in this fourth set, and he gets the set started with an easy hold.  This match has not even hit the 2-hour mark, and it is in the fourth set.  Wow!

10:03- Novak plays a horrible service game to give Federer the break early in the fourth set.  He makes four uncharacteristic errors, and Roger has to feel really good right about now!

10:06- Federer with another routine hold, and it is 3-0 in this fourth set!

10:13- Novak holds to get on the board in the fourth, but Roger then holds at love!  4-1 to the Swiss.  He is now only two games away from yet another Wimbledon Final!

10:20- Novak comes back from a 0-40 hole to hold for 2-4!  Federer cannot afford a letdown here.

10:22- Another really impressive hold by Federer puts him one game from the finish line!  5-2.  Djokovic will be serving to stay in these Championships.


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