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Looking at the Ladies' Semifinals | July | 2012 Articles

Looking at the Ladies' Semifinals

Written by Andrew Moffa on .

The names of this year's Wimbledon Ladies' semifinalists do not tell the whole story.  They do not tell the story of this year's Championships, which was one of upsets, cinderella stories, and excellent tennis.  When looking at these four names, Angelique Kerber, Agnieszka Radwanska, Serena Williams, Victoria Azarenka, it looks like everything went according to plan from the very first match.  This is the beauty of tennis.  Now, to the actual semifinals that will take place on Centre Court on Thursday. 

Semifinal #1- Angelique Kerber [8] vs. Agnieszka Radwanska [3]

For Angelique Kerber, this is her second Major Semifinal in less than a year.  For Agnieszka Radwanska, this is her first Major Semifinal ever.  Radwanska is also one of two players, the other being Victoria Azarenka, who can become the No. 1 player in the world at the end of this tournament.  As far as this match-up, the two women play very different games.  Kerber, the only lefty still remaining in either singles draw, has a power game, and can really use her forehand effectively to move her opponent around the court.  Her serve is also an important weapon for her.  Radwanska relies on consistency and movement to wear down her opponents.  It is not unusual for the Pole to play sets in which she commits one or two unforced errors.  Kerber has probably not done this in her entire life.  The German will definitely look to be the agressor in this match, but it is very hard to hit through Aggie, who has the ability to run down just about everything.  Her serve is often used just to get the ball in play, which could be a problem against the dangerous forehand of Kerber.  Both women will come out nervous in this match, and the woman who is able to handle her nerves the best will definitely have the advantage.  At the end of this intriguing Ladies Semifinal, Agnieszka Radwanska will still be standing and will be ready to play in her first Major Final.  It will take three sets, but the Pole will find her way through.

Semifinal #2- Victoria Azarenka [2] vs. Serena Williams [6]

As mentioned before, Azarenka can re-gain the World No. 1 Ranking if she is able to win this title and receive some help from Radwanska.  Williams, meanwhile, is searching for her 14th Major Title and first since the 2010 Championships at Wimbledon.  Williams, who had to play Petra Kvitova in the quarterfinals, has not had an easy road to the semifinal round.  She has played two three set matches, both of which were decided very late in the decisive set.  Azarenka, meanwhile, has yet to drop a set and has looked very good.  She has spent less time on court than any other woman in the Championships, and this could really help her in this match.  Williams actually played two doubles matches on Wednesday with her sister Venus.  One of these matches was decided 9-7 in the final set.  Both women play power games.  The one advanatge Williams will have in this match is her serve.  She has served out of this world in these Championships, and the serve can be a liability for Azarenka.  Once the ball is in play, both women will look to take control of the point and move thier opponent around.  Azarenka will need to serve well to stay in this match, while Williams will need to continue to cruise on her serve so sha can create opportunities to break.  I expect Serena Williams to advance to yet another Major Final after a three set victory over Vika.  Enjoy the tennis on Thursday, and Happy Fourth of July!