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Djokovic vs Nadal: Live Blog | June | 2012 Articles

Djokovic vs Nadal: Live Blog

Written by Brandon Lawrence on .


The match has been called for rain, and will resume 7 am EDT. It will be broadcast on the NBC Sports Network. We'll try to continue the live blog.

Hey everyone, thanks for joining us for the liveblog of what we hope to be the epic French Open final between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal.

9:24: A break for Nadal immediately! He went up 0-40, Novak saved three break points, but lost the next two to give Rafa the break. This isn't new for Djokovic, as he's gotten broken before, but this is a great start for Nadal.

9:28: Scary signs for Djokovic. He's hitting big, and missing. And Nadal's hitting bigger, and not missing. 2-0 Nadal

9:32. Rafa's rolling, up a second break. Djokovic can't win points. And Nadal is playing perhaps the best tennis we've ever seen him play at Roland Garros. 3-0 Nadal.

9:39: A loose game from Nadal and Novak's on the board! 3-1 Nadal, still a break. Nadal surprisingly got tight, made a few errors, and he's got a game

9:41: Good hold from Djokovic, and more misses from Nadal. 3-2 Djokovic. He's still behind, but Nadal has really cooled off from the first three games. If he can break again here we've got a set, but if not at least he's shown he can stay in this match.

9:54: We have a match! Novak breaks again, evens it a 3-3. He's stepping inside the court much better now, and Nadal's being forced to play more defense. Rain is falling now, so we'll see if play will have to be called. It hasn't been called yet though

10:01: A break for Nadal and he's pulled ahead again. Let's see if he can keep it this time

10:07: Nadal reasserting himself, up 5-3 in the first. Novak serving to stay in the first set

10:11: Djokovic holds to force Nadal to serve for the set. 5-4 Nadal. This match has become much more normal now, and they're settling in for what we hope to be a classic.

10:19: The first set goes to Rafa! After five breaks of serve in the first seven games of the match, the two men put together three straight holds, and Nadal finished off the set with a forehand winner. 6-4. We could be in for a long one.

10:27: Nadal breaks Novak for the fourth time!  An untimely double fault gives the Spainard the early advantage in this second set.  Could be danger time for the World No. 1. 

10:41: Both men hold. 2-1 in the second set, Rafa still up a break. Nadal fights off a break point in his service game, and Djokovic holds after a couple of deuces. It has already been about an hour and a half.

10:48: A vintage Djokovic return game gives him the break back! Now 2-all in the second set.  Neither player has really taken control of this Final yet.  

10:53: After throwing his racket following a missed forehand, Djokovic regains his composure and holds at 3-2. The conditions on Court Philippe Chatrier are still very cold and wet, not making this easy for either man.

11:04: A string of forehand errors from Djokovic gifts Nadal a break point, and he takes advantage with an inside-out forehand winner! Rafa is once again up a break at 4-3. This next game is vital for Novak.

11:10: After a very impressive hold by Nadal, play is called due to an increase in the intensity of rain on Court Philippe Chatrier. Both men are taken off the court, and the tarp is set to be put on by the grounds crew.  6-4 5-3 Rafael Nadal at the first rain delay. 

11:40: The players are back out and warming up after about a half hour rain delay. Djokovic will be serving at 3-5 to stay in this second set. In other news, Novak broke the "perrier" sign underneath his chair with a vicious swing from his racket before the rain delay. It has since been replaced. 

11:47: Nadal comes right out with a break to take the second set! Novak's low first serve percentage is really hurting him, and the Spainard is just six games away from a 7th French Open Title.

12:01: A hold-break start to the third set for Rafael Nadal! Djokovic seems unable to do anything to take Rafa out of his comfort zone for more than a few points at a time. Let's see if the World No. 1 has enough fight in him to at least make this third set an entertaining one.

12:06: Djokovic breaks back! 2-1 on serve in the third set. Nadal, after having been broken only once in his first six matches of this tournament, has been broken four times this morning.  The scary part? He still has yet to lose a set. 

12:17: Here comes Novak! After a tough hold to event the third set at 2-2, Djokovic plays a brilliant return game to break Rafa, and is finally showing some signs of life! This match could be far from over.    

12:29: Novak now with five straight games! 5-2 for the Serb in the third set. The belief looks to be back for Djokovic, which could be scary for Nadal. While it is not quite danger time for Rafa, he has to be having some unpleasant flashbacks.   

12:34: We are going to a fourth! After Nadal went up 2-0 in the third set, seemingly ready to put this thing to rest, Djokovic took six straight games to take the set. It will be imperative for Rafa to get off to a good start in the fourth. If not, it will be time to worry for the Spainard. 

12:44: Sit back and relax! Djokovic has broken Nadal to begin the fourth set! It has now been 7 straight games for the Serb, and he is now in control of this Final. The quality of play has gone up from both men, and this match is quickly approaching three hours.   

12:51: After Djokovic holds to 2-0, Nadal finally wins a game, breaking a streak of 8 straight against him. Now at 2-1 in the fourth set, play is called yet again because of rain. The two men have now played for three hours, and it is almost 7 PM in Paris. Stay tuned for more updates during this second rain delay.


6:52: Thanks for joining us for the continuation of the 2012 French Open Final between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. Coverage will be starting on the NBC Sports Network at 7 AM, with play continuing shortly thereafter.  

7:19: Nadal has broken to even the fourth set! A net cord from Rafa gives him the edge in the point, and he finishes it off with a backhand passing shot. 2-all

7:22: A love-hold from Nadal gives him a 3-2 advantage in this fourth set, with Djokovic serving. Both men look ready to go, but Nadal is the one putting a little more on his shots so far today.

7:32: There are holds by both men, and we are now on serve at 4-3 in this fourth set. Nadal has come out looking very sharp. The pressure is now all on Djokovic, who could be out of this match with one bad service game.

7:41: There are again holds by both men, and Djokovic is set to serve at 4-5. A solid rain has now started to fall on Court Philippe Chatrier. This could get interesting.

7:50: After a brief visit from the tournament referee during the last changeover, Djokovic holds and the sun is now out! 5-all in the fourth.

7:56: An impressive hold from Nadal gives him the 6-5 advantage, and Djokovic has to again serve to stay in this match.

8:03: With yet another break of serve, Rafael Nadal wins his 7th French Open Title!!! A double fault from Djokovic ends the match. He now has more French Open Championships than any other male tennis player. Congrats to Rafa! As for Djokovic, he played about as well as you can play against Nadal on clay. Unfortunately, that is not good enough.